Monday, April 4, 2011


Bow ties make my tummy tingle. The geeky coolness and confidence that it takes a man to rock a bow tie and pocket square is beyond sexy. Pierrepont Hicks has some wonderful finds and their philosphy is as follows:

PH is both explorer + city-gent.
He’s an angler, a storyteller, a student + a teacher. 

He’s attentive, assured, discerning. 

He is tough to read, easy to remember.
PH prefers dusk to dawn, books to television, 
dunes to the bay, rowboats to motors, woodfiregrills to charcoal, trout to tuna, listening to talking.

He lives life in the presence of good manners. 

He holds the door, rises for a lady and tips his hat. 

PH was once overheard saying: 
“The prettiest thing in the world, is a ship at the end of a street.” 
The Pierrepont Hicks man  is a modern classic. He’s ageless. 

And he always takes a running leap off the dock.

Buzzy Bow

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