Monday, March 7, 2011


It is a frightening act of opening your own online marketplace for all to browse through anonymously. I make kid stuff. I like the sweet prints and soft fabrics. Also, the thought provoking costumes that can be thrown together consisting of mismatched patterns and differing sizes; nothing making sense and yet coming together in a beautiful blend of childlike humor that resembles sun-filled days running through sprinklers. It's not that serious. It's about fun. Yes, it is that simple.

Nothing is perfect. If you want perfection then I propose you buy mass produced merchandise. It sounds like a fib but I only sew when I'm in an uplifted mood, with coffee to my right and loud music blasting through the speakers. When the mood strikes to be creative, a soothing sensation runs through me. Bills and everyday issues leave my realm of thought and joy enters.

At this time I only have a few items listed, but truth be told it is because I need a solid day to take quality photographs and upload them. So please visit me at my Etsy store and hopefully if you keep on checking in you will be transported back to your own childhood when not everything was disposable.

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